Mark Applebaum

Chief Operating Officer

The son of a U.S. Army colonel, Mark Applebaum has safety and security in his blood. Growing up on a military base, he learned full well the sacrifices one must make to ensure the security of others. Today, as an experienced, licensed security officer, Mark has intimate knowledge of the security threats that schools, house of worships, and even businesses face.

Mark is also a “Stop-the-Bleed” Instructor, an NRA-certified Firearms Instructor, a Range Safety Officer, and a Refuse to be a Victim Instructor.

He puts this knowledge and expertise to good use as Chief Operating Officer of Uniform Security Agency, a position he assumed in 2016 after his father’s passing. He is proud to continue his father’s legacy of providing an unparalleled level of safety and security to all clients, at all times, and in all situations.

Mission Statement

At Uniform Security, we believe that safety matters. As a family-owned business, we understand what it is like to not feel safe in your home, neighborhood, or environment, and how that can impact your life. Our mission is to ensure your safety and that of your community, school, place of work, or home utilizing diversely trained security professionals who are adaptable and capable of responsibly responding to a variety of scenarios. We believe that our tailored approach to security offers the personal perspective needed to provide protection that meets the needs of our clients.


UNIFORM SECURITY AGENCY’S STAFF is comprised of former law enforcement, former military, and security personnel from a variety of backgrounds. Many have specialized training in high-risk protection and other forms of security. All understand the importance of being attentive and vigilant to prevent potential risks from being actualized.

At Uniform Security, every employee is handpicked for each assignment and specific need by the leadership team to ensure that all staff members share the company’s commitment to trust, responsiveness and reliability. Our officers go through an additional extensive training courses beyond what the state requires, which includes Weapon Retention, Verbal De-escalation, Live Fire Training and Drills.

Uniform Security Agency LLC is an certified Woman Owned business, currently operating in Florida.

It has a Florida Class A and B licenses and is fully insured in the State of Florida. License A3000090 B1200275