Pittsburgh. Poway. Charleston. Oak Creek. Hate crimes are on the rise across the country and around the world. Each year, thousands of innocent lives are lost. And no one is immune. People of all faiths are being targeted, often in their houses of worships, whether synagogues, temples, mosques or churches.

At the same time, even our children are no longer safe. Years ago, schools shootings were rare occurrences, with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting making headlines just a few years ago. But today such shootings are increasingly common. Last year alone, school shootings in Florida and Texas claimed the lives of 27 innocent students, teachers, and staff.

Today, when even our most sacred and seemingly untouchable spaces are coming under attack, houses of worship, schools, and even businesses must ensure they have the proper protection in place.

UNIFORM Security Agency can help. We are a leader in safety and security.

Uniform Security Agency offers a wide array of protective services and solutions to clients throughout Southern Florida. We protect schools, houses of worship, retail and commercial properties, and individuals, safeguarding tens of thousands of men, women and children each year. Uniform Security Agency saves lives.

By the Numbers

#1 – Your safety is our sole concern

Uniform Security Agency LLC is an certified Woman Owned business, currently operating in Florida.

It has a Florida Class A and B licenses and is fully insured in the State of Florida. License A3000090 B1200275