Uniform Security Agency LLC and pricing is successful over its competitors. Our competitors have a high cost of overhead and high-profit margins that require them to pass the cost on its clients.


Uniform Security Agency LLC employs only experienced security personnel, former law enforcement, and military candidates. One of the key traits our personnel must have is that of positive community contact; and the ability to defuse situations using a positive verbal approach, all security personnel receive additional in-house training in the use of force, incident response, fire emergencies, culture diversity and threat assessment.


Uniform Security Agency LLC and our security staff are trained professionals who shall display the company professionalism throughout the tenure at the client’s site.

Uniform Security Agency LLC Will supply the client With on-site supervisors and commanders that will be supplemented with the owner and management team preforming monthly inspections of the site staff, in addition to monthly monitoring of the roles of the security staff, to ensure they are meeting the contractual needs of the community.