About Us


Uniform Security Agency LLC (Lic. # B1200275) offers property protection, personal security, executive protection and more..

  •   Uniform Security Agency LLC is an SBE and MOE company certified by Palm Beach County, currently, operating in Florida. Uniform Security Agency LLC is a multi-faceted security company with a Florida Class B license and fully insured in the State of Florida.
  • Uniform Security Agency LLC brings to the table a wide range of experience from the law enforcement field, military background, and security industry. We have the staff to attain your objectives without inconveniencing your residents, contractors, or clients.
  • Our top priority will be maintaining perimeter security and internal site security from unlawful access and preventing the unauthorized removal of equipment.
  • Our security staff will be monitoring the entrance and egress of the site through an identification verification system.
  • Our staff will follow the directions of the property manager ensure that the tenants and guest have a non-impeded access to the site.
  • Our management staff will participate in all on-site safety meeting held by the property manager and offer free of charge crime prevention lectures.

Uniform Security Agency LLC offers special packages for security on houses of worship and private schools.